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Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Monday-

Which means the BSU made it home safely though exhausted, after a week in Oregon last night and I'm getting ready for another couple days of driving cars. I've also been found by one of my very best friends from my time in England- Hi Peter! and we have swapped some pictures and emails this weekend. Peter's found the best job in the world, self employed as a classic motorcycle restorer!

I've already suggested that maybe I should open a US branch of Aspire Restorations! Go check out some his work in the gallery!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it weird-

that many of my dreams lately have involved me being at work? And many of my dreams that I remember involve me being in uniform?

I'm not usually cognizant of my dreams after waking but in the past couple weeks, I have been aware of my dreams and most of them have involved me being on the job, and frequently back in the uniform of the USAF, the uniform I wore for 21 years. But I've been out of uniform for 11 years, (and out of work for 13 months), so I really don't know what it all means.

Good news on the job front or just sad commentary on being out of work and remembering the days when I did have a task and a calling to attend to- I admit I don't know what the answer might be. Right now I'm leaning towards the latter circumstance.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sure, camo weddings are tacky-

But this one takes the cake! Twenty-one couples got married on Valentines Day at the local Cabelas, the couples marched in to a 5 piece kazoo band...

You know that the first time I married the BSU, I wore Levi 501s and went barefoot and the preacher we hired to do the chore wore cowboy boots on the beach. But I think we beat all these folks!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The best video on YouTube!

From LawDog:
If you want to see bunny commandos doing Bad Things to extremist fundamentalist camels, there is a video you must see.

Be advised, there is violence. Graphic, blood-spattering violence. A lot of it. There is also more than a bit of foul language -- and that includes the title of the video.

Be sure to watch this in full screen and Hi-Def! Click the quality button at the bottom right of the video.

And somebody buy me the full length DVD!

Took the week off from driving cars-

I had some tax issues with Ogden Clear Headlights to work out- an estimated by the state tax bill for $15K+ for a business only in operation for 1 month, now resolved to to $74 total for all of 2010, so I just couldn't manage driving this week.

Now there's Dr's appointments later today and another tomorrow for the BSU. Her bronchitus continues and something meeds to be done!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet- great movie fun!

Tonight the BSU felt well enough to go out for a movie and I got to pick. So I chose Gnomeo and Juliet. As it should be perfectly obvious, this is Will Shakespear's most famous tale of two feuding families and two young lovers caught in the battleground between their families. But this time the families are British garden gnomes who have a pretty active life whenever the humans- who also seem to hate each other, are away from home. There is a complete cast of weirdos- a gnome dancing in a thong swimsuit, a Dolly Parton gnome and a best girlfriend water spurting frog. There are lawnmower races in the alley, cheating, revenge and young love, coming to fruition under the tutelage of a greatful flamingo who's been missing one of his wire legs and trapped in a shed for years. The gnome characters all make ceramic clanking sounds as they move and freeze solid whenever the humans arrive. There's lots of jokes and lines related to other movies- "I wish I could quit you," and the soundtrack is all Elton John, mostly classic songs and a couple written for the movie.

It was great fun and a lot of laughs. The 3D effects were pleasant and the music terrific. I give it 2 thumbs up as does the BSU. Take your kids or grandkids and go have a great time.

And I really want a Terraferminator!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Move lions? Sure, I can do that!

In a previous post I mentioned that my buddy Loc wanted some help moving 2 concrete lions that he had located on KSL's classifieds. He's a buddy so of course I told him I could help. I rented a 6X12 open trailer from U-Haul and bought 2 heavy duty tie down straps and caught up with Loc and his son, Tom yesterday morning.

The lions turned out to be 20 years old and almost a family heirloom for the guy selling them. He said his kids and grandkids had climbed on them ever since he set them down. I think he was sad to see them leave.

The job turned out to be pretty tricky, first getting the wide trailer backed through the seller's narrow gate and up into his carport. Then we had to sling the lions and move them from behind the carport into the carport, passed the steps and then into the trailer. It took some re-strapping and manuevering of the crane to get the lions into the trailer over the axles but we eventually got'er done and headed out.

We had a nice lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and made the trip to loc's house and backed into his driveway without incident. I didn't feel too bad about leaving the lions in the trailer over lunch as I didn't figure anybody was going to steal them!

Unloading the beasts was much the same as getting them into the trailer but we did discover that we were going to have to put the crane on the porch to get the lions situated. That made everything pretty close but the 3 of us wrangled them into place before Loc's spousal unit made it home from work.

Lions prepared for transport
Turning a corner with a concrete lion.
Lions in place!
concrete lion

So that was a pretty cool way to spend a Saturday!
UPDATE: The slideshow seemed to be busted so I have replaced it with clickable thumbnails. Click the little pictures to see the full size.